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window switch

  1. Driver power window won't go down

    Problem Reports
    Hi All, I just replaced the timing set and when I hooked the battery back up the drivers power window won't roll down. It worked fine prior and all the other windows roll up/down from the master switch. The switch does make a clicking sound when holding it down in the "Up" position but does...
  2. Nitrous question about microprocessor switch

    I have a quick question. I have an Edelbrock WET kit for my eclipse, and the shop i go to was having some difficulties with mounting the microprocessor switch on the throttle body. We couldnt find a way to get it in position to be hit by the throttle at WOT. Is it safe to just weld the switch...
  3. NX RPM window switch

    I just ordered the NX wet system. My shop said that NX didn't make a RPM window switch and they could get one from another company. I'm waiting for them to get back to me on a price, but they said it is going to be expensive. Does anybody know if NX makes this switch, and if not who to get it...