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  1. old xtech turbo piping

    Well guys there is a local 3g'er with a old xtech turbo piping. Few things that i noticed are that the hot pipes go under the cross member and the mas is located near the throttle body. There isnt any room for a filter and the piping is all smashed underneath. I was wondering how some have...
  2. 3G 6G72 Turbo Piping

    Does anyone have a diagram on how there setup is ran..or know of one online?
  3. xtech piping - type of steel?

    Just wondering if anyone knows the type of steel that the Xtech kits used? I'm guessing its stainless 304. Do you guys know if I could possibly run into complications by using mild 304 to extend the original manifolds (i.e. cracked turbo manifolds)? Thanks.