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  1. New Member Introductions
    I've been lurking on this forum for a while, here is my first post. I've read some threads on NO2, but what are your personal opinions on running wet NO2 kit on a stock 4g64? Do you think that it's just a "poor man's boost"? As everyone knows our 4G64 can handle up to 15psi of boost, assuming...
  2. GT/GTS
    Anyone know what the ZEX V6 plugs are pregapped to?
  3. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    I am selling my zex nitrous kit with 2 bottles. Its a wet kit, i used it on my stock internals with no problems, has everything with it. unit, lines nozzles, clamps everything. I am going with a turbo now so would like to sell asap. Oh its a 75 or 100 shot. Let me know asking $500
  4. GT/GTS
    hey guys im thinking about swaping for a 6g74 engine with 41,000 miles into my 3g. It will be completly stock except for a walbro fuel pump. I will be using a zex wet kit 50 shot with purge heater blowdown and window switch so will it be safe to add. also i have an auto trans with the...
  5. Vehicles & Parts Classifieds
    FS: ZEX DRY kit with extras I have a full on nitrous kit including three different sized shot nozzles, A-pillar 2 gauge pod, bottle warmer, remote bottle opener, NOS purge valve and more!!! There's even still gas in the tank! $500+shipping You guys know that just the warmer and the remote...
  6. GT/GTS
    alright so i just recently purchased a ZEX dry nitrous kit and i plan on running a 55 shot with it. from what ive read the safest way to run nitrous is with a WOT switch (which zex has built in) and a window switch (which the kit does NOT have) so i was wondering if i purchase a window switch...
  7. GT/GTS
    Hey, I'll be installing my ZEX kit soon and have a couple of questions that could best be answered with pics, but anything would do. I have consulted the How-To in the Garage forum, however, I want to really dot my i's and cross my t's on this. I'd like to get some ideas of where you...
  8. GT/GTS
    Hey, just purchased a used ZEX nitrous kit and had a question. I need to replace my K&N filter as it is damaged and wondered if I should just go ahead and order the ZEX one here: Zex: Ejector Air Amplifier™ The prices will be pretty similar for a new K&N and this one. Also, after searching...
  9. GT/GTS
    So alot of people are telling me nitrous will cut my quarter time. I have a few questions about everything to do with this...:) i'm pretty much stock, can i even run nitrous? what's the difference with dry and wet? what should i get with my little mods? Thanks alot guys.
  10. GT/GTS
    im buying a nitrous kit for my 2001 eclipse gt and all i want is some extra power. im not looking for a huge jump but just somthing noticable. ive read tons of threads concering nitrous systems and all i really need to know is what i need for a 55 shot. i am planning on buying a zex wet kit...
  11. GT/GTS
    I bought a used Zex 55,65,75 wet kit and have a question regarding the fuel tap and the purge kit install. Pretty sure some of the original fittings etc are missing. Anyhow I hooked it all up on my floor to see what all is there. The T was on the purple extension when I got it but I'm not...
1-11 of 11 Results