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Hey yall, im new here, new to owning cars and new to upgrading them. With all this in mind I've been trying to learn as much as i can before making this decision.
I'd like to make a build for my 01 eclipse that is the perfect(or as close as it can be) middle ground of fuel economy and drive ability with a little boost in power. Id also like to keep it naturally aspirated unless i get to the point that i can make this a purely track car.
I've recently switched to a short ram intake (that will have a heat shield soon).Ive thought of lengthening my bore, as well as shorting the stroke of the pistion. Upgrading the headers and exhaust but i want something that isnt super high flow, just less restrictive then the stock. Upgrading the camshaft though ill be honest i dont full understand how to choose a camshaft and would love to hear from everyone about what they look for in choosing a camshaft. I'd like to upgrade the fuel system, though having a hard time choosing a fuel pump as there are a lot of chooses that seemingly does all the same thing, Upgrading to meth-water injection, as well as just getting slightly better fuel injectors. Upgrading the ignition system to match the fueling. Upgrading the suspension system from coil overs to anti roll bars, and sway bars. Lastly, a tune to tie it all together.
The reason i bring this up the reason i run this thread is as you all are probably aware of Eclipses don't particularly have the best after market support. Even finding shops with experience with eclipses so i can get pointed in the right direction has been a lil bit of a shit show. I'd like to hear everything that you all have to say, your experiences, your mistakes and successes, i want every bit of information on eclipse builds.
Let me know your opinions, am i in over my head? Is this the first step of a beautiful but stressful journey? Shut up and get off your thread? Let me hear it
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