OBO!! Bought the eclipse as a project until I could eventually daily it, initially it cranked and ran when bought but was blown white smoke all over so ran a compression test and decided a head gasket was blown while having the head off sent it to be rebuilt. Got the head back and everything put back together to get a crank no start come find out cylinder one still had no compression, took some time away figuring it was a cracked block did all the looking around I’d like to find another 3.0 v6 but nothing seemed to be worth and the 3.8 was just unrealistic personally. Was checking on it the other day just to see if maybe I just was missing something. While the engine was cranking I head a slight bubbling sound from the oil pan so naturally I check the dip stick and there’s gas in the oil so atp %100 sure it’s a cracked block. Mint interior got 167,000mi on her don’t feel like going through the time or trouble of parting out, if nobody wants it on here then it’s goin to scrap… :(