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03-05 clear corners, black background, with clear lens, bulb question

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Do the clear corners, the very clear ones with the black background, take a normal eclipse bulb size?, and if not what size do they require?.

Also, if they aren't the normal bulb size, where could one find a baes (part the bulb plugs into), for the aftermarket clear corners?

Trying to fix an intermittent light issue.
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these are the little buggers.

I may need to locate a new base/socket for the set, so I need to know whether it's an OEM part or where I can find such a base.

Thanks in advance for any reply's.
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everything should be oem. what kind of problems are you having?
I dont understand what the problem is here:scratch:
Remove old corner, put on new corner.
I dont understand what the problem is here:scratch:
Remove old corner, put on new corner.
Simple as that.

A single phillips head screw. :rolleyes:
Yeah it's all that simple. The bulb size is 1157...but there's a sticky on this at the top of the forum.
yeah, I kinda answered my own question, I had a fault base/socket believe it or not, and the thing wouldn't work, no idea how I managed that ( actually I think i forced the wrong size bulb it and broke it, lol), but I got a new one from the stealship for a solid $8 or so, and I'm happy now.

my problem before was the parking lights were really dim on the one socket, and the turn signal didn't work. After careful inspection, the pins on the opposite side of the bulb where it meets the wiring harness weren't exactly as they should have been. It's always the little things that seem to keep my car off the road.

I'm ready to rock now, hope to see some of you at the meet!! (quickly plans time for careful car cleaning so my ego isn't hurt =p)
I guess the question was, I didn't research it enough and thought the socket was aftermarket not OEM, no biggie, just another random post to slow down the board.
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