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03 GS Turbo eclipse

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I'm selling my 03 eclipse 5spd. It's a gs and has a turbo. The car is in good condition with minor knicks and dings from the road/rocks. The only thing (outside the car) that is a problem, is there is a key mark from a local gang that got a hold of it. As far as performance, the car has a base tune. But needs a new MAF because it stalls out from to much air flow. It's pushing 8.5 lbs of boost, and producing an amazing 230 hp at the ground and 270 lbs of torque! I have a new clutch for it, but it's not installed (but also comes with the car) The car has 52,000 miles on it and i'm the second owner. Also comes with green streetglow kit. If interested let me know and i'll send pictures and any other details you may want to know. Looking to sell the car for $9000 obo. Thanks and let me know if there are any questions!
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