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location Kansas City, MO

I have and engine out of a 03 eclipse gts with a bad rod bearing that threw a connecting bolt. It won't turn over because the connecting rod is jammed in one of the cylinders. Has around 190,xxx
Bad bearing
Would need a new rod and possibly a new crankshaft.
Some surface scratches in one of the cylinders. #2

This engine has the better manifold over the regular v6
Has the better piston compression ratio.
Heads are good and one has a new head gasket.
New timing belt also

Doesn't include shipping.

Engine block $100 plus shipping or pick up
Bare means. No sensors. No brackets. No hoses. No distributer. No power pump. No ac. Nothing. Just the bare engine.

Brand new duralast Timing belt $15

Heads sold
Intake manifold sold
Pistons sold
Lower intake manifold. Make offer.

Leather rear seats sold

I AM NOT SELLING ANY SENSOR OR BRACKET. NO A/c or power stuff for sale. I am swapping the engine in this car.


1 - 20 of 25 Posts
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