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DISCLAIMER: If you work on your car and break yourself or your car, it's your fault. This is just how I removed it, because it's a pain and a bunch of people were asking what it looks like. If you follow it, it will get coolant on the floor. And props to my wife and her HTC One that provided the pix. And lunch. And moral compass, dedication, motivation and a large percentage of the money for any car work I do (ok J/K that was a bit of an exaggeration but she deserves props.)

FIRST Remove the air intake, breather hose, the sensor at the top of the manifold, and go ahead and remove the battery so that you have space later.

SECOND move to the passenger side. There are two bolts highlighted and one hose. Remove and label them. Look around, you'll see more bolts that need removal, but the goal here is to unhook as few things as possible. So if it mounts, bolts or clips to the manifold, it has to come off.

THIRD you're still on the passenger side (left side.) The second from the top is the accelerator cable. This can just be unhooked from its cradle. That upper hose has to come off and those two lower bolts.

FOURTH thou shalt... wait that's not right, oh yes, my bad, take the ground wire on top left off, and there are a couple of bolts (lower left and one not pictured) holding the air lines onto the top of the manifold. Take the bolts off, try to leave the hoses on. Except the hose in the back (top right arrow) which should come off. The two upward facing arrows mount the accelerator cable. INDEX THEIR POSITION then remove them.

FIFTH the sensor (left) attaches with a pinch system to the bracket (middle) which is pictured (right). Remove it from the bracket because eyou will be taking the throttle off.

SIXTH now we're onto the right side. Remove everything as per step 2. That lower right bolt is one of four that hold the throttle body on. Go ahead and loosen but don't remove them yet.

SEVENTH ok, so there is some trickiness here. That hose on the left has to come off (it has antifreeze in it. It will get on your floor. You'll be ok.) The lower right hose also needs to come off, it might be easier if you pull the throttle body off. there is an electrical clip there in the foreground that needs to come off. Now the throttle cable on the right: pull it down, putting slack on the cable. Pull the cable toward the front of the car through the slot. Go ahead and pull the throttle off. (Good time to clean it.)

EIGHTH Start with the hose (upper arrow) remove it and you'll have more space, plus it has to come off. The lower arrow is a bracket that supports the back of the manifold. There are three bolts and two that bolt the EGR tube to the back, plus the valve in the picture. Start on the left side (drivers) with the closest mounting bolt. Then get the middle arrow, it has two bolts. After removing it you can get the second mounting bolt. Remove the part and get the EGR tube off (two bolts.) Then you can hit the last mounting bolt. Now head to the front of the manifold, and pull the six mounting bolts out. You're done.

This is the position you will be living in for a while. You might bring a heavy blanket or a board to protect you from your car.

SO there are a lot of things you will have to figure out while you are working. Here are your goals; unbolt, un hook and unplug as little as possible. Don't drop anything in your cylinders.
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