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04 Mitsu Tuning Help?

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Hey guys, I'm kind of in a rut here and need some help fast!
I have a 2004 eclipse GTS Spyder, I just brought it to Conway Motors in Everett, WA to install header back exhaust and Cold Air Intake. The problem is that it will most likely run like crap after I do this install, but i thought ahead and have a Dyno appointment for 9am tomorrow, may 19th at a place near downtown Seattle that will do front wheel dyno. However i have no tuner still. I am resourceful and found out about Tactrix 2.0 and am going to do the tuning myself but kind of have no idea what i am doing, this is why i am reaching out to the 3g community... PLEASE HELP!!!
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Do a search for email tunes. Be careful. Not knowing what you are doing might brick your ECU. Don't be dumb by rushing into it.
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