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2004 Eclipser Spyder, 3.0 6 cy, automatic, will crank fine but never try to start. No fire at plugs, no pulse at injectors

Thought alarm was keeping it from starting and had alarm and ignition switch checked out by local alarm installer,

Key recognition seems to be working as can arm alarm by locking doors and green light comes on on dash, insert key to any lock and turn and alarm is disabled.
Checked fuel pump and it comes on when cranking, replaced crank sensor, used led test light to back probe new crank sensor, sensor blue wire blinks on and off.
Replaced distributor with cam sensor and coil included, no difference, have checked fuses under hood and side of dash
Found 04 Spyder at junk yard and removed PCM from behind blower motor and replaced in my car, still will crank and not start.
Was looking for immobilizer location so I can remove it, lock cylinder and key from same donor and replace it all.
Question - where is the immobilizer located.
Also OBD will not communicate with car, searches and searches and will not communicate, tried 3 different OBD analyzers.
Also what else should I try, next stop is dealership, will have to tow 1 hour away. New to forum, tried to include all info
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