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100,000 mile Service

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Okay, so I just had the 100,000 mile service done on my car, new plugs, wires, timing belt, etc. Now that I have my car back I noticed three things: First, the engine is much louder. Second, the engine idle isn't as steady as it use to be. Third, I lost some horsepower.

I wasn't sure at first if I had actually lost any power or not, but I decided to push my car a bit harder and the horsepower loss is very noticeable in the top end. Furthermore, I could barely get my engine above 5500 rpms in second gear. Anybody have any thoughts? Or should I just call my mechanic and take the car back?
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I checked the receipt from my spark plugs (NGK Iridiums) and it says "Do not gap iridium plugs, you will snap the center electrode." On my mechanics receipt it says they did gap the plugs. My mechanic is already closed today so I can't check for sure until tomorrow, though. Anybody have any more information on these iridiums?

Could there be a problem with one of the belts or pulleys that would cause these issues? (Not so much the louder engine, but the rough idle and loss of horsepower)

They also replaced the plenum gasket when they removed the intake plenum. Could this cause the problem?
it sounds like they might have messed up the timing when replacing the timing belt...
When you gap the plugs wrong you could loose a little horsepower but not too much. It seems like thay mistimed it but take it back and tell him about not gapping the plugs.
What I noticed when I got my T-Belt replaced was..

It sounded different

Power seemed to be at a loss, or different.

You have to give the belt time to set in, and stretch a little.

everything is fine.
When my T-belt was done I did not notice any change....
When my T-belt was done I did not notice any change....
+1 :agreed:
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