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1G Big Rods With Kia DOHC Swap

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ive been searching since about 9:30 (hour and a half)

ive been seeing that people have been pointing to specific pistons that are custom. so simple question is will 1G big rods fit with the Kia pistons or just in general with the Kia DOHC swap.
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1G Rods
Pin Dia. = Early 21mm Late 22mm
Journal = 45mm or 1.771" im also seeing some that say 1.89" or 48mm (anyone know why?)

EDIT WOW ima dumbass tearstone has the specs on the website

Pin Dia. = .866" or 22mm
Journal = 1.89" or 48mm
ok so im gonna say that since the pin diameter of the 1G Big Rods and the Eclipse Crower Rods from tearstones website are the same
as well as the B.E. Bore / Rod Journal sizes that the 1G big rods can be used with G4JS pistons?

and if thats the case we could also use the crank?
i know that our crank is the same if not better but, i know there are nitrided cranks on EVOM cheaper than what i could have someone do mine for.

Also the Rods would be a good way to go from a 1G or Evo because there is an abundant source of them.
Now am I missing something because its 1am, or is this something thats already been discussed and i just failed at my searching?

well i guess that answers the question about boring the pin hole.
apparently they do it to fit 2G pistons on 1G rods.
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anyone know what the max length the rods can be before they cause problems.
I had a guy at work check the thickness and it seems as though that dimension is okay as well.

so i guess the only question is, is the rod to tall/long?
anyone have any suggestions on this?
Wow, I have never seen someone talk to themselves so much on one post :ugh:
Wow, I have never seen someone talk to themselves so much on one post :ugh:
Wow thanks for helping out. you're awesome.
And since this isnt ot please dont post pointless remarks.
even though no one seems to care about this thread lol im pretty sure the 1G big rods should fit. the pin hole is smaller but that can be bored out, and the thickness problem can also be fixed by machining them. so this should be a really cheap alternative to aftermarket. and they can handle about 400whp.
You know, rods can be had for about $350 (eagle) new, or something like that. And if you're doing a full build, you want all the quality parts you can get your hands on. It was hard enough getting mine to fit, which were supposed to be the exact size. I had to purchase wrist pin bushings and have them pressed in, then machined out to the wrist pin size to pick up the slack. It didnt' really cost me any more money becuase my machinist gave me a price for the entire build, all necessary machining included, but still I had to research and purchase the wrist pin bushings for like $40 or something.

Also, if you're trying to get away cheap, I think that these engine pro are good for 600hp it says, for $310
while 300 isnt that much its way more than the 30 bucks i spent on the Big rods... and they are good up to 400whp"ish" and thats a little bit more than what im wanting. And im not doing a "full" engine build i just figured id be able to use these rods and that would be able to get me a little bit more boost.
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