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1st gear bog when cold start

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I'm a proud new owner of a black on black 2001 Eclipse GT V6, 5-speed as of yesterday evening.

So today was my first day officially owning it and driving it from a cold start. I normally would have asked him to leave it cold but we had to meet 1/2 way cause he was so far so it was warmed up when i got a chance to test drive it.

The problem : It has about 101,000 miles on it with all the service records. new plugs, all belts and fluids changed within the last 6 months. Just got an oil change yesterday and smog. All good. I started the car today and I pulled out of the garage to go to the grocery store and when releasing the clutch from 1st gear, the car kinda shook and bogged down (kinda) as if i released the clutch too fast. Maybe it's my driving cause I'm not used to the clutch's catchpoint and what not and it did go away after the car warmed up but this something I should be worried about? I did a long search but couldn't find much so I'm hoping this isn't a notorious problem with the eclipse?

thanks any input is greatly appreciated.
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Congrats and just curious... on cold start when it bogs, hit he gas and do you get a sound that resembles pop corn? If so then clean out your MAF. My 01 GS did that until I cleaned my MAF... now good as can be :D
When you drive it from a cold start it usually idles around 1.5k. If you release the clutch teh car will attempt to keep an idle of 1.5k. You might just be feeling the car pulling as if giving it's self gas in 1st gear to get up to 1.5k RPMS.
I take it the SES light is not on in the dash? If not, does it even come on when you turn the car to "on"? Check that to verify the previous ownr did not remov the SES bulb or put a burned out one in the gauge cluster.

If all that checks out then I would assume its just your driving style :dunno: If your driving hasn't adjusted within a few trips and you ALWAYS get the bogging then I would really start looking for a problem. Do you happen to know if it has a stock/OEM clutch? I know my Stage3 clutch causes my car to shake like a mofo if it isn't released at just the right time... however, that is too be expected as it is an aggresive aftermarket clutch. Your car is completely stock (in the engine bay), correct?
It did it again today but just for a little bit so i stopped the car and tested it out from a complete start. I think it's because like one of you mentioned, the idle is at 1.5 when it's cold and I don't give it enough gas and the engine just knocks or something to that nature.

I was just scared that I would overrev and burn out the clutch but I believe the problem was my driving. haha thanks for your tips
If everything is in good working order don't worry about the clutch on cold take offs. As long as you feather the clutch in 1st get and keep it around 1.5k-2k you'll be good to go. I always feather the clutch on cold take offs and I still have the original clutch at 109K miles.
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