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I have a 5spd 2000 Elcipse GS for sale.

I moved to tampa florida from the cleveland area and just cannot afford to have my car brought down, so I am just going to get rid of it.

The Car is Sarona Red
The Car is not in mint condition. I was in the process of fixing things when i moved down here. Money is tight right now and I must get rid of the car.

Problems with the car
-Needs new thermostat
-Front bumper does not match. It is slightly darker red
-The clutch is starting to stick
-There are some rust spots along the back hatch as well as the hood.
-The sunroof sticks (due to a newer seal)

I just recently had new ball bearings and and all new suspension put on.
Tires have less than 1,000 miles on them. I also have a Jenson Flip Up T.V. in the dash. The car is wired for a system but the system has been sold already

I still owe $2,915.92 on the car. So, that is what I am asking for it. The car runs perfectly fine. No knocks in the engine or anything. I have done my best to have it maintained while I was in Ohio and have had people take it to shops for me while I am in florida. I have also had people comming over and driving it once a week to keep it running smoothly and to avoid flat spots in the tires.

I am looking to get rid of my car ASAP

if you would like more information please feel free. The car has less than 120,000 miles on it.

I am only asking what I owe on it. No more, No Less.

The car is in North Canton, OH and the title is in my mothers name so the buyer would need to contact her in order to set up a time to work everything out.

Again, I am rushing to get rid of this car because I am currently stuck in florida with about 300 dollars to my name and need to get this car off my hands cause i cannot afford it.

Thank you and i hope to hear from you.

I have pictures. If interested please contact me by email at [email protected] and i will gladly send all the photos of the car that i have


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no one is interested because you did not follow the simple rules of posting FS ads.

There are ZERO pictures, and ZERO proof of ownership.

Pics would help a GREAT deal considering you're asking such a low amount.

I personally would LOVE to see pics. If it's in great condition I can have 3K in two weeks
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