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2000 Eclipse

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2000 Fed Spec 5spd Eclipse
-84k miles
-3.0 v6
-Altezza Tails
-Clear corners (Front and reverse)
-Black top
-Skunk 2 cat back exhaust, with high flow cat
-Eibach Pro Kit
-Cyro Treated Powerslots
-Compustar Alarm w/prox sensor and tilt sensor and remote start(1 mile sending, and 2 mile recieving)

Pictures coming soon.

Comes with wings west lip kit.
Comes with 01 cali spec computer, didn't get around to swapping it.
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Ok? you just went from fun in the sun at import wars, and now your selling your car 2 days later? If your going to sell any chance you want to sell the eibach pro kit off of it, i give you my stocks. But anyway good luck on the sale.
I want to keep them on their for now, but I don't get any interest than I will think about it.

lmk if you decide to part, i'd take the halos and corners
Alrighty i'll let you know if i do.

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