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2000 GS vs. 1990 Z24

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So my friend was over at my house tonight, and he's wanted to race me ever since I got my car in October.

So we traveled a few miles to a secluded road, bout 1 mile long.

His Z24:
Aftermarket muff
His car sounds awesome, like a v6 mustang with exhaust

My GS:
SS Exhaust

I was kinda nervous, cause its a V6 and i already raced him a few times in my old car (Oldsmobile 88' Royale brougham loved that thing) and lost.

So we kinda pull up alongside of eachother. We both consent to just go when the other starts moving.

So I wait until he starts moving, and I rev up to 3500ish and release the clutch not very gradually.

I leave some rubber, and I start pulling him like a bitch.

By the end of second gear, going about 60, I'm a few cars ahead of him. We stop at about 80mph

Second race:

I accidently burned a lil too much rubber, so he beat me off the line. but by the time i had shifted into second i was passing him.

So I got a kill with my beasty lil GS!! Woot

Now i gotta race my friends 2000-Something mustang. He beat me last time cause i missed second and gave up and he didn't wanna try again.

I know, most of you are thinking "well, a mustang will beat a gs anyday".

But my friend has been driving manual for 2 years, as opposed to my 5 months, and he is not that great, and is bad at launching.

Might I comment on my driving tonight, I shifted flawlessly everytime, very quickly.
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Well first of, ughh ......... Our cars only go up to like 59 Mph (rev limiter) on second gear and I don't know if that Z24 sounded sweet when you are comparing V6 mustang to it. Second of all you should get RS because rS nevAr lose !!! third and last thing, next time gather up your friends and go to the track for safety precautions !!!
Lol. I know about the track thing. I'm getting several of my friends together one night and we are going to go to Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove, WI.

My friends know little to nothing about cars and racing, so I'll have to explain the tree and everything to them.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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