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2000 GT Manual 137000 miles High Pressure A/C Line to Condensor question

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So my Mitsu is a 2000 GT with a leak in the AC system, the bolt for the high pressure to condensor broke off so I had to drill it out and rethread it.

I replaced the o-ring but it is still leaking, so I was wondering what the size was of the orginal. I thought I had used the same size but want to double check before I tear into it again. 12.11.06.jpg is a picture of the fitting. I replaced the bolt with an autozone special and washer, so it is not OEM.
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I've had new seals leak, usually because I gouged the O-ring when installing. If you didn't lube it and it bound up a little before sliding in it's probably torn some. Get a new o-ring and lube it with silicone grease then wiggle the connector into place slowly.
Entirely possible, I did lube it but if it's just a standard o-ring then off I go again, jiggity jig.
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