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2001 Eclipse Spider GS 2.4l auto

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Hello All,
I'm new here. I have a 2001 GS Spider Convertible w/ 2.4l engine 130k miles. Automatic trans. The balance shaft belt broke so I replaced it, and timing belt (was still intacted when removed) and water pump. Set the timing according to some vids found on youtube. Got it all back together, now when it starts it vibrates bad. I made sure to set the timing before I removed the old timing belt, just to make sure everything lined up correctly. Any suggestions. Also, have some other problems to figure out. But, that can come later. Thanks
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I don't have the 4cyl but could the balance shaft be out of time with the rest of it? I'm assuming they need to be timed together since they need to be in sync to properly balance the rotational mass from the crankshaft.

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