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First, I searched the hell out of this forum the googler and still can't fix my problem!...

Car died after starting one day and would not restart, it would turn over, catch, then instantly die. Daughter called for me to come help and when I got there it fired right up, ran for a few days then happened again. It slowly progressed to where it won't stay started ever now (unless i keep foot on gas then runs fine)..

I have replaced with new oem parts (expensive af!):
new coil packs, wires and plugs properly gapped
Fuel pump
EGR valve
I cleaned the tb very thoroughly and it looks great.
Have tried checking for vacuum leaks numerous ways and there are no leaks anywhere.
The problem is the same with ac and/or other accessories on or off.....
Have reset the ecu more times than I can count (had to keep foot on gas at around 1k rpms for over 10 minutes each time). Drove it over 40 miles (one foot on gas, one on brake at stops lol) each time after changing something hoping to reset ecu also to no avail

The weird shit is there are 0 codes or lights!! I get live Info when scan tool is hooked up (from a shop or my own) so know that port works.

more weird shit, after I changed most of the above mentioned parts sometimes it would start and stay idling but really low like 5-600 rpm only but would ultimately die after a short while.
After changing the coil packs and wires it idled as stated above for quite awhile and I was able to drive and stop for about a 50 mile trip but when I got home and turned it off it wouldn't start back up again....

I'm down to thinking to readjust the BISS screw (fully close then reopen 2 - 2 1/2 turns) or maybe the cats clogged??

Anybody that has had this problem that the above mentioned trouble shooting did not fix please help! Lol... I'm totally at a loss now.

Thank you

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It does ride smooth and fine.... I adjusted the biss, full in then out 2.5 - 2. 75 turns and let it idle at 1.1k rpms for about 15 minutes then test drive it about 20 miles... runs totally normal now!
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