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2001 Eclipse GT. Last summer I had an overheating problem while climbing in desert areas (i.e. outside temps above 100F). Changing the thermostat and flushing the radiator fixed that.

In the past week my car has developed a NEW overheating problem :rant:

I've noticed in heavy stop-n-go traffic the car will heat up. About 45% on the temp gauge is normal. When stopped for any length of time it will now go up to 55-60%. Once I start moving it cools back down.

In my driveway tonight...

* I held it at 3000 rpm and it quickly warmed up past 50%.

* I let off the accelerator, got out, and checked the fans. Both radiator fans were running at this point but at a low speed.

* I got back in and it had actually climbed to about 70%! :eek:

* I flipped on the AC. Both fans kicked up to their highest speed. The temp gauge dropped back down to 45% fairly quickly. It will stay at 45% with the A/C on even if I rev it.

The only thing I know to check is the fuse for the fans but that looks fine and I'm assuming if it blew they wouldn't turn at all. It would appear that the fans will not turn on to the necessary speed from temps alone, though the A/C will kick them up to full speed so the fans themselves appear to be good.

What else should I test or look for? Is there some electronic temp sensor or fan control unit that I should test or replace?

I'm supposed to travel for Thanksgiving tomorrow night so if possible I would like to get it fixed tomorrow. If I can't resolve it tomorrow I hope I'm OK for the weekend. It doesn't break 60% in actual traffic and the A/C trick seems to work so I should be able to control it and prevent any overheating if I hit a stop-n-go situation.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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