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I had a 2004 GTS (hardtop) back in the day that I loved but got totaled - wasn't my fault!

Picked up a 2001 spyder GT with ~92,000 miles last year. In fairly good condition but has some rust issues after being a daily driver for many years in Michigan.

List of work I've done so far:
  • Replaced completely rusted out fuel filler neck
  • Replaced leaking valve cover gaskets
  • New plugs, plug wires, distributor cap, and rotor
  • All new O2 sensors which fixed service engine soon light
  • New headlamp bulbs
  • New antenna (prior one had been sheared off, maybe in a car wash?)
Car runs well enough but has what I suspect are some suspension issues due to rust and lack of lubrication.

Also, strut towers have a moderate amount of rust which I know is an eventually terminal condition :(


I recently came across an ultra low mileage 2005 Spyder GTS for sale nearby. We're talking 7000 miles, kept in a conditioned garage, driven a few times a year, and has had maintenance done even when not called for due to miles.

I'm a bit worried about state of rubber items, grease, engine with oil that's sat for long periods.

I also realize that this very well could be the lowest mileage 3G Spyder in existence so it's very tempting.

Owner wants a ridiculous amount for the car but I talked him down a bit. Bringing a mechanic I trust out to look at the car next week.

Anything in particular I should check out before considering pulling the trigger?

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