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2005 Spyder GT
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For some reason my speakers don't communicate with my stereo..fuse is ok Where do I go from here?
How would you rate your knowledge of car stereo systems? Your answer determines whether to take it to a car stereo shop or trouble shoot it yourself.
I would start by checking the connections to the amp under the passenger seat...
We would need more info about your system to make further suggestions, such as stock or aftermarket, speaker configuration, external amp under seat or not, etc.
If you have access to another car speaker that you know is working, you can try hooking it up to your stereo to see if it works, and if it does, then your speakers are bad, and if it doesn't, then your stereo or amp or wiring is bad. Car speakers generally don't go bad all at the same time, so it's likely to be something else that's wrong.
If you have an amp under the seat, try bypassing it to see if your speakers work, assuming your stereo has an internal amp.
You may want to check out some YouTube videos for troubleshooting and gaining some basic knowledge of car stereo systems.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts