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Ok so im selling my car :( A lot of things have happen and long story short it has to go. Its not a necessity at the moment which is why i added " testing water " to the title. So here it is

2002 GS Sporty
64,000 miles
2 tone(patriot red/black)
Power windows,locks,air,cruise,cd,tilt,spoiler
no sunroof.
Ok the bad stuff first.
1.The front dash plastic has 2 cracks right by the center speaker
2.The "check engine light" stays on regardless. Iv had it look at and it comes up as an o2 sensor which iv had all replaced and it still reads the same. Took to Mitsubishi dealer and was told it was probably the computer and as long as the light didnt bother me then dont worry about it.
3.The hood on the passenger side for some reason isnt exactly aligned with the front bumper(see in pics)
4.Driver side, above rear wheel well there is a scratch. Not all the way threw paint.

1.Paint job was done just last summer. Every panel except back bumper.Got lazy lol
2.20% tint all the way around
3.Tanable 2' drop
4.18' nakayama
5.3 brand new tires. 1 is half tread
6.Dual halo projection headlights ( red halo's )
7.Interior lights are all blue leds
8.Demon eye mod to the projectors
9.Has a clean title
10.No rattles
11.No engine problems. Oil changed regularly(10w40 Full Synthetic)

^notice the gap on the passenger side

^^pic was taken before hood was done

**Floor on driver side has Blue led's also

Basically just lookin to see what kind of offers i get.

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Hey man just wanted bump you to the top and say to say nice car, the new paint job is going to be a good selling factor because stock paint on all ours sucked!

but i was noticing on your check engine light comment, this MAY be a stupid question but after installing the O2 sensor did you unplug the battery? i had to replace my EGR solenoid a while back and when the 5 min job was done my light was still on and almost kicked my car to death because i didn't want to spend any more money! lol then I called my mechanic and told me to reset the battery by unplugging and plugging it back in. and it was fixed.

anyway i'm no genius on cars of anykind so just wondering. good luck with the sale :bigthumb:

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