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Hey everybody,

You’re probably getting sick of this (this is the 3rd time I’ve posted about this), but I’m still having a problem with my idle and I’m hoping someone who sees this can help.

I bought a 2003 Eclipse GS with a bad clutch last year and replaced it within a month. It already idled a little high before, but it got pretty bad afterwards and would idle at about 1700 cold. I drove it for a few weeks, and then looked into the idle. Here’s a list of things I’ve replaced (in chronological order):

1. Idle air control valve*
2. Mass air flow sensor
3. Throttle body gasket
4. Throttle position sensor
5. Upstream o2 sensor

*When I replaced the IAC, it got really really bad. The car now idles at 3000 cold and 2000 warm, and surges whenever the wheels are spinning and it’s not in gear (clutch in/neutral and rolling). Video. Nothing else I’ve replaced has affected the idle at all.

I’ve had the car smoke tested at my local mechanic and they found no leaks. I’ve also sprayed brake cleaner around my vacuum lines and intake manifold and found nothing.

Here are some other symptoms besides the idle:

Cruise control light comes on, but it does not work.

Me and a friend were in there trying to figure something out today, and found that it idles at 1000 when the MAF is unplugged, albeit a very, very rough idle.

When the cruise control electrical connector is unplugged, the car surges at idle just like it does when rolling.

I am totally out of ideas for what it could be. Am I supposed to set up my parts like the IAC when I install them? Or is it something blatantly obvious? If anyone here is familiar with these cars or has anything to offer I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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