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Damn if I had Fackbook I would join but I left all social media in 2020. Makes it hard to find ideas or ask question about certain things.
Join the other facebook groups, that's literally where everyone went. Super active every day.
You guys want to chill on a dead forum? That's cool but when you're ready to regroup with the rest of the 3Grs the link is there along with all of the other facebook groups.
I will pass on the gossip sites.:cautious:...J.D.
Don't be an old man.
Hey genius. I AM an old man.:D:ROFLMAO:. I would venture a guess I am the oldest member on this site. Who wants to spend their time conversing with young twits ? ...J.D.
I could tell. Nothing like an old carbureted Ford
right? Or a nice big block Chevy.
I know this is an old thread(kind 3 weeks), but when I first got my 3G in couple years ago, I came here..and you guys helped me out as you can, even tho there's only a few devoted ones who come check the forum everyday.
And then just last year I discovered a couple FACEBOOK 3G groups.
I thought since there were so many members in those tw0 groups that their advice would be very valuable....but most of the time those Groups are all about BUILDS and MODIFACTIONS..especially when it comes to exterior(body wraps, exhaust pipe sounds, shift knob changes, rainbow lights in and under the dash, wing mods, etc.
Some of the advice is good as far as maintenance...especially when it comes to the strut towers.
Such as this:
A person gets a new converter top, they will show how sleek the car looks now, but he will give hints on what to look out for when installing a new top..which is good, he is helping others!
But most of the posts on those FB groups just have someone showing their 3G after a car wash with the caption: "My baby is all clean now!"....or someone gets some new wheels and says: "My babydoll got some new shoes!"
No help...just showing off..:-(

It's's alot of college guys and late 20-something people that only care about themselves. Not all of them, but alot. If they are posting about themselves more than helping others with 3G issues, then it's all about their own needs.
Honestly, I joined the groups because there is so little help when it comes 3Gs....except here.
There's always people trying to help out. Problem is you get a whole lot of people who are just wrong, commenting on the same post at the same time.
1 - 7 of 30 Posts