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As the title states i am here to talk to you all about the GT FWD to AWD swap. Now i am no expert on all things AWD or the 3G but i feel i have room to discuss what i have done and what i have used. so here is the list of parts that i have used and i will go in further detail below that.


Evo 8 5 Speed Transmission
Custom Adaptor plate to fit evo trans on v6 ( very hard part)
Evo 6 T Case (with more work you can run a Evo 8 Tcase but the EVO 6 goes nicely under the subframe with less work)
Front Evo Axles
Front Evo Knuckles ( the coilover bolt holes will need to be drilled larger)
Front Evo Wheel Bearings
Custom 2 piece Driveshaft from Driveshaft shop ( can you a few configuration of a stock one)
Rear GSX Subframe
Rear GSX 3.307 LSD
Rear GSX LSD Axles
Rear GSX Knuckles with Poly bushings
Rear GSX Wheel bearings
Rear GSX rebuilt Parking brakes
Rear Soild Subframe Bushings ( not needed but i upgraded mine)
Boston Hatcher Duel Diff Mounts ( not needed but i again need to hold the power)
Evo SS Full Slave cylinder Line
Rear Volk Lower Control Arms
Rear Volk Trailing Arms
Rear Volk Toe Arms
Evo Soild shift bushings
Rear 3G upper control arm
3G D2 Coilovers
Rear upper DC sport strut bar
Full EVO Brembo Swap finished in Race Red
Stop Tech Slotted Rotors
Evos extended lug stud all 4 wheels
15mm STM Wheel spacer
GoodRidge SS Brake Lines
Clutch masters Twin Disk with custom Flywheel
CM Hydraulic throwout bearing
CM Hydraulic flow control valve
ARP Ford Probe long Flywheel bolts.

Now so of these parts i upgraded for my own car, stock ones will be fine for most cars.

The Adapter plate was not easy to make and i spent a lot time reading and watching videos on making it and cut it by hand with simple hand tools.

If you have an Auto and want to stay Auto there is a Trans out there that bolts up to the V6 without making a plate. just go check Murkrows build thread.
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