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3g sighting in va beach

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Coming down virginia beach boulevard on my way home today. White eclipse carbon fiber hood, the spoiler might have been carbon also and it was flat looking.
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Moving to regional forums.
Sorry about that I did'nt mean to post in wrong area.
its my old car!!!! who bought it!!! it at drive1 performance

looks like this with out the wheels tho, i took them off and traded with my brother
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Ya thats the one I recognize that spoiler and hood. It really stuck out from the rest of the cars on the road.
:) i did her right. just hope the new owner dont rice her out :(
keep me updated and tell him about the forums when you see him, my car was FED 08 COTM
If I catch up to the person I definitely will. No rice either.... yet..... j/k
Well I will be In VA Beach Area In July there is a cruise comeing through you might be interested.
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