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3G tuning services

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Originally I wasn't going to offer tuning services, but plans have changed and I'm now offering my tuning services to the 3G community.

Pricing is as follows

Boosted tunes-$250
Naturally aspirated tunes-$150
Speed Density & E85 tunes (Boosted)- $300

Boosted tunes & naturally aspirated tunes: boosted tunes & naturally aspirated tunes include follow up tuning after the initial tune for about a month. If there's any changes you make to the car and want to have a few things adjusted. It can be done for no charge as long as it's within a month of the previous tune.

When you come for a tune please make sure your car is in good shape, no oil leaks, check engine lights and such. If you have issues going on a tune will only make matters worse for your car. So please take care of that stuff in advance.

Some things you'll need for a tune:
A laptop
Tactrix cable with reflash adapter
A wideband O2 sensor
Wideband serial cable for logging AFR.
A good running car

For speed density:
IAT SENSOR(Optional)
For a speed density tune. You'll need an omni-map sensor.
The sensor you choose will depend on what boost levels you'll want to run.
You'll also need an intake air temperature sensor welded into your intake tract. But it is not necessary.
Speed density will work without it.

That's pretty much it. For any questions drop a comment or PM me!
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