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Hey fellow members, I just finished my GS to GT swap (4g69 to 6g75 mivec)this week on my 4g, and thought I'd share some information here, for anyone looking to swap motors into their 3g eclipse. I know many non mivec swaps have been done, and only one documented mivec swap done by Silverside, so in addition to those threads on here, I'll like to contribute mine as well. This is not a "How to" by any means, more of just sharing information and pics that might be helpful.

Here is the part list that I needed for my swap, I did include prices, part #, and where I purchased most of each item from.

Parts list {[X] = obtained, [X][X] = included, [] = need to buy, [D] donated from GS}

Power Plant & Transmission
[X] Engine w/o exhaust manifolds or accessories $1095
[X]Engine Wire Harness Complete $230 Spalding Auto Parts - Home of Quality New and Used Parts
[X] Transmission F6MBA-1-LKJA $630

Engine Management
[X] ECU $129.99 (eBay P/N 1860A516)
[D] Radiator (GS manual Radiator works with Gt manual. Autos need tranny coolers)
[X] Immobilizer delete and ECU Flash by Hackish at PSItuning $500 (UVTune Universal Tuning Solutions)


[X] Alternator $45 (eBay)
[D] AC Compressor (Universal for GS/GT however mounting brackets are specific)
[X] Power Steering Pump $55 (eBay)

[X][X] AC Compressor Mounting Bracket
[X] Alternator Mounting Bracket $40.79 (Dealer P/N MD375319)
[X][X] Power steering mounting bracket
[X] Shift Cable Main Mounting Bracket $50.91 (Dealer P/N 2460A053)
[X] Shift Cable Supplementary Mounting Bracket $10.87 (Dealer P/N 2501A068)

Drivetrain Parts
[X] Luk Clutch Kit 05-142 $188.88 delivered (Discount Auto Parts Online -- - Domestic & Import Auto Parts Warehouse)
[X] Used OEM flywheel $75 delivered (Your Used Auto Parts Headquaters, Benwood Auto Parts)
[X] CV Drive Axle Shaft Left $85.90 delivered (Discount Auto Parts Online, Car & Auto Body Parts Wholesale At Mac Auto Parts Store) Wheel hubs are universal
[X] CV Drive Axle Shaft Right 85.90 delivered (Discount Auto Parts Online, Car & Auto Body Parts Wholesale At Mac Auto Parts Store) Wheel hubs are universal
[X] Starter $40.99 (eBay)
[X] CV Intermediate Shaft $80 (Dealer Part 3815A096) - B & R Auto - Late Model Car and Truck Parts
[X] CV Intermediate Shaft Bearing $135.51 (Dealer Part 3817A110)

[X] OEM Front Manifold, Y-pipe, intermediary pipe, and third cat $130 (Thanks Ricoswave!)
[X] OEM Rear Manifold $135 (Thanks eclipsercr2006)
[X] EGR dump tube $50.64 (Dealer Part 1582A192)
[X] EGR Gasket $5.95 (Dealer Part MD149764)
[X] Fajita CAI $60 (eBay)
[X] Victor Reinz Manifold Gaskets MS16280 $13.35 (eBay)
[X] Exhaust Flange Gasket Seal/Donut from Y pipe to J pipe, FelPro 61106 $13.99 (AutoZone)
[X] Manifolds to Y Pipe Gaskets, Victor Reinz 32138 $6.99 x 2 (AutoZone)
[X] Converter Gasket, from J pipe to 3rd Cat, FelPro 61451 $9.99 (AutoZone)

[X] KYB Struts $309.25 for the set (eBay)

[X] Stay Bar $3.89 (Dealer Part 1091A020)
[X] Stay Bar Mounting Bolt x2 (Dealer Part MU000743)
[X] Front Transaxle Mount $90.61 (Dealer Part MN101217)
[X] Trans mount brkt, Manual trans Left $35.47 (Dealer Part MR967005)
[X] Trans mount brkt, Manual trans Right $ 34.63 (Dealer Part 2910A014)
[X] Engine Front Mounting Bracket $163.98 (Dealer Part 1091A075)

[X] 6spd Shift lever Assembly used $79.12 Delivered (Dealer Part MN168267 Weber Brothers Auto)
[X] Shift control cables $138.12 (Dealer Part MN107656)

Maintenance and Non-Interchangeable Part from GS
[X] CV Axle Seal $7.37 (Dealer part# 2502A016)
[X] CV Axle Seal $7.37 (Dealer part# 2502A017)
[X] Timing belt/water pump kit $120.28 (Part # TS26287WP)
[X] Power Steering Belt Dayco 5040358 $11.95 (Summit Racing)
[X] P/S Idler Pulley GATES 36271 $47.59 (eBay)
[X] Alternator/AC Compressor Idler Pulley Dayco 89138 $31.95 (Summit Racing)
[X] A/C, Alternator Belt Dayco 5060470 $18.95 (Summit Racing)
[X] Heater Hose Inlet Dayco 87688 $17.95 (AutoZone)
[X] Heater Hose Outlet Dayco 87698 $10.95 (AutoZone)
[X] Power Steering Suction Hose, lower hose on reservoir $17.70 (dealer P/N MR589360)
[D] Power Steering High Pressure hose, From rack to pump - GS will work
[D] Brake Booster Hose, GS hose can be used, just use the part with check valve inside it. (GT part# MN113500)

Little Bits
[X] Manual Flywheel Bolts 8x $11.04 (Dealer Part 1120A015; Automatic Flywheels Bolts MD720036)
[X] Pressure Plate Bolts x6 $4.92 (Dealer Part MF241251)
[X] Transmission Mounting Bolts $7.98 (Dealer Part 4x 2500A012, and 2x MF140292)
[X] Hydraulic lines Master Cylinder, Hose, Tube To Slave Cyl, 3.8L $25.01 (Dealer Part# MN101580)
[X] Hydraulic Tube to Clutch Release Cylinder $11.18 (Dealer Part# 2348A016)
[D] Billet Oil Cap (Universal between GS/GT)
[X] Shift Cable Bracket Mounting Bolt 1x $1.73 (Dealer P/N 2501A070)
[X] Shift Cable Bracket Mounting Bolt 2x $1.73 (Dealer P/N 2460A054)
[X] Idler Pulley Bolts $1.98 (Dealer P/N MF434105)
[X] CV Intermediate Shaft Bearing Mounting Bolts 2x $2.26 (Dealer P/N MR111026)
[X] Alternator two lower mounting bolts $4.03 (10x75, 10x65)

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It took me just shy of a year to do this swap, so don't let the pictures fool you into thinking it was done in a day.

Current Mod list

Fujita F5 CAI, MagnaFlow CatBack, Energy Suspension Bushing, KYB/Eibach Pro Kit Combo, TB Bypass, Ripp Mods F/R Poly Mounts, Iridium IX One Step Colder Plugs, PSI Tuning Reflash, 8k HIDs

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