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4g63 7bolt parts wanted

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Hello everyone, I'm looking to rebuild my 7 bolt but wanting to keep the price way down. To start things off I will need a crank, valves, and an oil pump. Any other parts that you have for sale let me know please and I will see if I need them. Thank you for your time and best regards, Matt/ 01'3gGT
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ya ive got a ton of stuff. im stroking mine so ill have the stock parts left over so ya. im way under construction right now.
Well I finally got the head off and saw that all the pistons were damaged. one was even missing a chunk about halfway around the top. I will keep you up to date on what else i will need. thanks for your time bro, Matt/01'3gGT
Dont waste your time, find a blown six bolt rebuild it and swap it. If its going into a 2g youll need dsm link or you can do the potentiometer mod and just add fuel on an afc
OK guys so I made my mind up and decided to change the title of thi thread to "4g63 6 BOLT parts wanted". Thanks everyone
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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