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6G74 Intake Manifold

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I was thinking about swapping the intake manifold off a Diamante 3.5L onto my 2001 Spyder GT. The main reason would be to make it easier to access spark plugs, egr, and headers. Has anyone done this? Is it worth the work or even possible? Would i gain any power?

Are there any other intake manifolds that fit?
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One word, SEARCH. Yes it has been done before, many times.
It wouldn't be to have ease of access... It's a cheap 5 hp maybe and it looks cool. While your swapping do some tune up. Don't try to say that it's some mad performance gain.. It's honestly just a logical upgrade while you have shit apart getting at the rear bank valve cover gasket and spark plugs.

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Yes. SEARCH. n ofc u can do it. I doin it very soon. Buyin one tmrw with tb ;)
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