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I recently got a 2008 Mitsubishi Eclipse SE, seems to have the premium fosgate system in it, and what i've learned so far as after hooking up a generic harness, everything seems to work except the door speakers/subwoofer of course, because the amp doesnt seem to turn on. So the two solutions out there seem to be either amp bypass or integrate. The former implies i wouldnt have my sub working and the latter is $100 for what appears to just be some kind of rca to wires converter. What confused me though, is why does my head unit have a amp-on wire and can i somehow use that instead of the expensive converter? I cant find any reliable wiring schematics for this stuff either.

Edit 1: So I ended up just getting a Axxess MITO-01 to interface the factory amp. I was curious what warranted this to be $100 so I opened up the black box. Looks to be a PIC controller and a few OpAmps etc..

Edit 2: Few things worth noting.. the device is indeed really cheap and i had it buzzing and all that crap. occationally would 'e com' error as well.. I just pushed the wires into the board as hard as i could because you cant trust those molex connectors to form a sturdy connection between wire and headers it seems. Also it seems on my android head unit, the subwoofer control only controls the rca output (guess that should have been expected). So only way to really control punch is with the potentiometer on the board. I could always solder in a new pot and run it up to an accessible area but im not going to mess with this finicky device just yet.

Edit 3: I noticed they also sell a usb coord for $50 to update this thing.. the coord is literally a 4 wire TTL-232R 5v interface to USB, which is like $3
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