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Aftermarket radio wont come on after amp install!

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Hello, I recently put in an aftermarket headunit in my 2001 eclipse GT. My GT was equipped with the infinity system so i bought the metra harness, hooked it up and everything was fine. Then i go to install my subs and amp, get everything together, wires hid, then i disconnect the battery to connect the amp power wire. after this my amp turns on, but cars starts and it wouldnt idle. as well the power button is lit up but it wont turn on. i realize that they have a radio lock code but it shouldnt affect the aftermarket radio?? She is running a little better now so i think the idle might be relearned but the radio still wont come on. any ideas?
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Could be a bad battery or alternator. This would mean your car is not getting enough power distribution. If your sure everything is connected right and grounded properly have your charging system and battery tested.
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