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Hey 3g, I’m pretty new here so please go easy on me.
A little bit of a background I started on a lemon ‘02 GS as my first vehicle in 2016. Died a month in. Cruised with an 08 Evo X until that got totaled late 2018.
This past summer I saw a primo ‘05 Spyder GT with 30k on the engine and it was a quick buy. Car has been running well and I’ve took and interest in doing my own work. I’ve been stalking these boards for any help I might need the past few weeks while adding my aftermarket things and this community has been great.

So my problem is I made the dumb mistake of buying aftermarket tails assuming 00-05 would all fit.
Obviously now I know 00-02 & 03-05 were different when it comes to the light assembly.
I have already purchased these and was curious what steps I would have to take to get them mounted and secure on my vehicle.
It's a piece of cake. Remove the inside trunk covers that are in front of the rear lights. There are three mounting bolts on each side. Remove those and disconnect the current lights. When installing the new ones, make sure they are flush up against the fender, not a quarter of an inch away. Also make sure the right side one has the hold lined up correctly over the trunk Key hole. Reattach the nuts to the mounting bolts and reinstall the trunk covers. Good Luck.
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