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Hey 3g, I’m pretty new here so please go easy on me.
A little bit of a background I started on a lemon ‘02 GS as my first vehicle in 2016. Died a month in. Cruised with an 08 Evo X until that got totaled late 2018.
This past summer I saw a primo ‘05 Spyder GT with 30k on the engine and it was a quick buy. Car has been running well and I’ve took and interest in doing my own work. I’ve been stalking these boards for any help I might need the past few weeks while adding my aftermarket things and this community has been great.

So my problem is I made the dumb mistake of buying aftermarket tails assuming 00-05 would all fit.
Obviously now I know 00-02 & 03-05 were different when it comes to the light assembly.
I have already purchased these and was curious what steps I would have to take to get them mounted and secure on my vehicle.
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