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All Needs to go(audio and electronics)

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well im doing a little spring cleaning and i need to get rid of some shit that i just have laying around..

Factory Radio: $30 obo +shipping (have the code to unlock it)

100W amp that i used for my tweeters: $25 obo +shipping

12 inch MOFO sub in box. 2400W max 1200RMS(never used): $135 obo +shipping

Clarion Cd Player.(cd player is a little touchy) 25+ obo shipping

2 Pod gauge pillar: $15 obo +shipping(will fit eclipse and stratus models)

everything will be shipped the day after payment is recieved..
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may be interested in the gauge pod, how does it install? does it go over the A pillar. How much shipped to 85713??
yes it does for a easy install. the holes are allready predrilled
i might be interested in the A pillar.
let me know i can have it shipped out tomorrow
what size gauges goes in there?
im not really sure but it is the standard size i think like 2 inches
i'll get back to you if i can find some gauges
hey what do you mean by touchy???:eek: with the cd player b.c my buddie just got his stolein so i was goin to pick this up for him...does it work good?

1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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