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alternate shift knobs for sporty

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i just read a post about changing the shift knob on a sporty but the thread stopped or no one posted much...but anyways is it possible to put another shift knob on the sporty other than the red momo one?? and if so how do you make it work? thanks guys some kid told me that you can put any shift knob on it but you have to remove the locking interface or somthin idk i dont think there are that many different options on changing it when it comes to the sporty...thanks guys
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I've been wanting to know the same thing for some time and did a search and came up w. some good info on the topic, but also an how-to but the link was broken. IMO you DO NOT want to remove the locking mechanism. I wouldn't sacrifice safty for you or the car just for a new shift knob. It can be done though by modifying the plactic locking piece inside the current shift knob and not loosing the shift lock if I am correct. Don't quote me on that I am not 100% positive. How exactly i'm not sure either. I haven't taken this on myself yet. It's not #1 on my list of priorities. I know it can be done though w.o. sacrificing the saftey of the shift lock I believe and there are numerous different AT shifter I have seen used.
thanks man and yea if you do find anything out let me know...
I put one on over a year ago. I did not have to remove the locking mechanism. Doing that is really stupid. I guarantee that every idiot that's ever done that has ended up throwing their car in reverse while doing 60mph.

There's a bunch of nice knobs available now. Search on Ebay under "automatic shift knob". Pep Boys also has a few. Make sure you get the kind with a real button, not the type where you need to depress the entire knob to unlock the shifter.

I used one of these except the colored part is dark grey instead of red. I did have to extend the plastic detent rod. I used part of a bic pen barrel for that. I've never had any problems with it. It works perfectly.

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That knob was only $7 when I bought it and it's a well machined chunk of aluminum. The colored finish has never worn the least little bit. I put a piece of electric tape under the the button where it sits on the spring to give it a better feel and no vibration noise.

The top colored piece screws off to get inside of it. 3 set screws hold it. I modded a bushing on the shaft for a very tight fit and use blue locktite on the setscrews.

The stock mistu "baseball" knob is one of the ugliest around.
Here's another common knob under $10 that has a real working button;

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I used the momo automatica. Install was pretty simple.

Here is a thread with one installed.
There is a thread on here showing it installed with a shift boot as well.
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You can find knock-off momo knobs for $10-15. They are indentical to the $80-90(SUCKER RIP OFF) momo knobs.
You can find knock-off momo knobs for $10-15. They are indentical to the $80-90(SUCKER RIP OFF) momo knobs.
I've been doing some searching for these knock-off momo knobs but have had no luck. Would you be able to provide any links with them?
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