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I have problem with the alternator charging the battery. I've been through 2 alternators already had this one in car, pulled it out and had it bench tested. Passed all the tests threw it back in. And check for charging nothing. I all ready disconnected all harness cables in engine bay checked for bad areas nothing burned or broken wrapped them back up and plugged them all back in to their homes. I checked all fuses including the high amp ones for the battery and the alternator one as well. I have power going to alternator but it simply isn't returning it. I can start the car and drive it till the battery dies also my radio shuts off when I hit bumps. But maybe it's the ecu in engine bay. Checked with another ecu with same numbers no charging still. okay all grounds were taken off and cleaned in engine. I have removed all extra power cable running to the battery so it's all stock. and unplugged the new headlights that fit factory plug-ins. Not many electronics inside the car. Running out of time and money!!! The only stuff new on inside was new led gauge light display that hooks up to 12v and ground. I'm stuck on ideas. The car infomation 2002 Mistubishi Eclipse GS 2.4l SOHC 16valve 5spd tranny i4 I believe, need a solution (windows and lights work on inside and out)
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