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Another Alaska Eclipse Owner

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Alright i have been browsing and posting on this site for a long time and i realized that i have yet to show anyone my car so here it is. my baby! 2000 Eclipse GT Premium Package. so far shes pretty stock minus the ebay intake, ebay short shifter, gutted precats, deleted main cat, an APC universal muffler welded on, tein s-techs, 03-05 GTS rims, carbon fiber hood, dual halo projector lights. i think thats about it. car is coming up quickly on 150k miles and still on the original clutch etc, but thats gonna change soon. dynoed it before i left school in california and put down 175hp and 185ft lbs of torque every run on the dyno.
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Looks good!
awesome man i didnt know how to do that so thanx:D!!!
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