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Another Blazer

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Was dropping the wife and kids off for a b-day party and heading out to run my errands and right up the road had a 1985 M1009. Some rust in the usual Chevy spots (bed pan, rockers, rear 1/4 panels) but otherwise in good shape. 98k miles on detroit diesel 6.2, th400 and np208. Corp 10 bolt axles, but I have a set of 1-tons that can easily go under it. Was able to start it up and drive it around the neighborhood. Needs brakes and a few other things, but walked away from it only $900 poorer (wanted $1200). Will be having it towed back to the house next week.

24/12v system is still intact, so I'll be converting to 12v. Dual alternator and battery setup works good and the interior isn't too trashed for a 24yr old truck. Body is free of dents, minus the rust and paint (if you can call olive drab paint) is still decent looking.
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