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Alright guys I'm posting this here because I'm hoping that people from around the D.C. area would know my situation. My 03' GT Eclipse has just hit 100K miles :mecry: so I am going to start to do a complete overhaul with the car, starting with the suspension. Figuring I am hitting the suspension I would like to get it dropped while I'm at it. I am a daily commuter traveling I-95 about a good 100miles a day, and I want to get a suspension that drops the car a good 1.5in in the front and rear, but at the same time maintains a tight feel when driving. Now I guess what my question would be...

1. Is this drop smart??

2. What exactly do I need when doing this (slightly confuesed)?

3. What would be a good system to set my car up with?

Any help would be great, I have looked around a lot of places and it seems like there are a million different things you can do when in this situation and figuring I'm not overally car savy, I thought I'd ask before I went out and did something stupid. My price range for the system would probably top off at 1K not including install if that helps any.

I don't want to ask too much but I barely have enough time to look around at this kind of stuff and everytime I do I just get frustrated, so all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and my apologize if I put this in a wrong spot :(
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