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Anyone else in NM

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Is there any more 3G owners out there? Don't really hear from or about any around here and wanted to hold another meet. Let's get it started.:hbang:
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I have a 4G but would like to see your ride
and go to a meet if i'm not working
Cool. Its just hard to guess when Im gonna be out again but hopefully if we can pull a meet together we can meet up.
Come out to AZ for a meet!

We've got a big one next Saturday between Phoenix and Tucson. If you come through Tucson you can just crash at my place.
Is it a club3g meet? And what are the dates for the meet? it depends on the dates to see if I will make it but were going to denver this friday. It was for nopi but now its for FUN. hahaha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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