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anyone have problems with RIPP's bypass valve?

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I've had a RIPPed GT since November 07, and I'm still learnin alot about it. I just fixed a fuel delivery problem, which was easier and less stressful than I thought. I took the car for a little test drive to see how it was running. When I get to about 3500 RPMs, the car stammers and stutters until almost 5000 RPMs. If I let off the pedal, then floor it again, it fixes the problem, but if I just let it ride from 3500-5000 it jerks all the way through. It feels like a problem with the RIPP bypass valve. I tore the valve apart, and noticed it tends to want to get stuck in the valve housing. I tried lubricating the piece, but it only betters the problem instead of preventing it. I've had problems with the bypass valve before, and I was wondering if I should switch it out with a different aftermarket one? I've seen other people replace theirs, and I was wondering how I should go about switching, and how well it works.
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i would replace it. I replaced mine due to that problem and i dont have BRAT so VTA causes problems too
I am in the process of installing an SDS and just noticed that my Ripp BOV seems to be stuck as well. The brass piece inside the housing does not move at all when I push or pull on it. How the hell do you remove it?? I got some white lithium grease to lube it with (per Ripp's instructions) but I can't sem to get the piece out. Anyone know how to do this?

thahnic1080: What is VTA? (I will be using the BRAT).
VTA= vent to atmosphere.
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