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Anyone replaced trunk lift cylinders by themselves before?

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Hey guys,

I have the stock lift cylinders for my rear trunk hatch, but I have a spoiler on the car and these lift cylinders were made for non-spoiler only. I can buy them on for about $80, but unsure on how tough the installation is.

Has anyone ever replaced their "lift cylinders" before on their trunk and if so, how difficult of a process was it? The stealership wants to charge $100-125 for just installation.
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Its simple. Do it yourself.
If you dont mind explaining further I would appreciate it. Did you actually change them yourself? Simple process (maybe expand on that topic, etc).

Thanks! :twothumb:
You'll need torx bits to get them off. Just use a broom stick or something to hold the hatch up while you swap them out. It is a 10min job, tops.
Are you replacing the whole shock assembly for the hatch. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Where in Orange county are you located? I can probably help you if you want.
Hey guys,

I can buy them on for about $80,.......
Don't buy them from since they never sent the parts I ordered and they never responded to my e-mails. Pay a few dollars more at the dealer and have them in just a couple of days.
I bought mine from Auto Zone for $40. Simple change out. As mentioned
prop something under it to hold it open while you change them.
Be weary when replacing them, when i purchased my car i noticed that the shocks were toast, so lexus agreed to replace them as part of the deal. I took it back 5 times for them to do it right the first time i went the lock nut on the car's body broke off inside of the car....and i know what you are all shouldn't be messing with a mitsubishi exact thoughts about it but they actually took it to the mitsubishi dealership in Greensboro. I was just an unlucky one, you might not have such an misfortune. just my thoughts on it
They same thing happened to the bolt when I tried to change it myself. I have no clue how to get the bolt back up there!! Do you know what they did to fix it??
A bit of a side trail- I have a GT (stock with spoiler), and my lift cyllinders are performing as if they were made for a non-spoiler Eclipse... I may eventually have to replace those things, too.
They are incredibly simple to replace. Get someone to hold the trunk up as far as it goes for you and just unscrew the old ones and screw on the new ones.
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