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Arty"s 8G

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My G with fresh paint, new wheels n tires, and hood. Evo head, tubro, and 3g 5speed are in the works

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looks good but keep in mind if your planning a 5 spd swap that with your stock ecu you will throw codes with the 02 03 models
Hey man looks great! I love the color of the car and the painted hood:bigthumb:
Nice turbo job and good luck with the swap! Lookin forward to seein future pics
Any pics of any interior mods??
fatal 1: i figured using the stock ecu would throw codes, but wouldnt using a 3g eclipse ecu fix that?

Current mods:
Clear corners
Tein S-Tech drops (front only)
Custom Front grill.
Volk Racing GT-V 18 x 7.5, 5x 114.3, +43mm
BFGoodrich G-Force T/A KD 225/40/18
Factory spoiler painted and installed
Seibon EVO Hood painted and installed
Kamakazi header
Injen CAI
Optima battery
Interior painted to match paint
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hey mike just come see me and i can change you over to an evo rom after we get thet swap done!!!!!! and yes you are probably going to need a 3g ecu call coastal about that tranny and all your parts and the ecu i know he has everything you need in the yard right now!!!!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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