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I posted"help cyl. E misfire" and got a few replies(thank you) BUT nothing ive done has fixed the cyl. 3 misfire. Ive.... Replaced plug wire, moved coil around, checked spark plug, checked wiring to injector, reman injector in hole, using correct resistor for injectors. Replaced head gasket reflashed ecu with larger injector info,checked timing belt alingment..... Wtf am i missing im about ready to send it to the crusher. Ijust rebuilt eng. And itdif not do this before rebuild is correct so what the hell am i not checking or doing please help i truly at my wits end
My vehicle takes a Pacific spark plug and coil and refuses to take the OEM or what it calls for I would try to switch over your spark plug and your coil to a different brand try off-brand like auto light something with a laser very fine tip point on the on the spark plugs and the coil packs I'll get something from O'Reilly's I think you're only problem is because some of those cars only go specifically by a certain plugs for me
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