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ATTN: Megan Racing Will be correcting Coilover problems for FREE!

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Hey guys please see the email below between myself and Cyrus (head of tech support/R&D) at Megan Racing. I spoke with him on the phone shortly after this email to get some info as to how they were going to correct the problem, either by re-designing the entire lower strut mount or by offering an adjustable end link kit. I was informed that they will be re-designing the lower strut mount and the ETA on the new one is unfortunately 2-3 months time. While this is a long time, understand that R&D has to take place to make this correctly and I have to appreciate and respect that Cyrus and Megan Racing are being very professional about this and they are correcting a flaw in their design rather than trying to make another part to compensate for their original design flaw. I told Cyrus that I would be the contact person for both Club3g and TGC for any updates on when the new part becomes available. He said that anyone having a problem with the end links breaking will be sent the new lower mounts free of charge and there is NO need to return the old one as a "core". So with that being said, I will keep you guys posted as soon as I hear anything about this. I am not going to hound this guy by calling him twice a week for two months, I myself will be patient and wait at least 6 weeks and then contact him for an update unless he contacts me sooner. Please dont PM me asking about when and how you will get yours, I will keep this thread updated as soon as I get more info. Mods, can someone make this a stick so we dont lose track of it.

Here is the last reply from Cyrus, as you can imagine its all in reverse order with my first message being at the end....

I have talk to my factory and we will be coming out with a solution as far as the roblem goes. Please check in with me in the near future for updates on this revision.

Thank yoU!

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Cyrus thank you for your attention to this matter. If you would please look at the links below. I researched the problem on prior to sending that message to you. The bottom line is, yes you can get the link to attach, but its on such a radical angle that the lower part of the link and swaybar hit the control arm and cause the link to break. The factory end link is plastic and metal, the plastic part is the part that obviously breaks because of the increased side loading put on the link because the tab on the strut is not correct. With that being said as a way to side step the problem the guys on club3g have switched to aftermarket Moog or AC Delco full metal swaybar links, while these links do not break because they are much stronger than the OEM links, it doesnt correct the problem. The metal link still hits the lower arm, causing the link to bend slightly from repeated impact with the lower arm, while this may be a great budget solution, in the end, this problem is caused by the improper design of the coilover. Other members that run the JIC FLT-A2 coilovers or the Tein Type SS-P coilovers dont have this problem and the JIC's are almost identical in design to the Megan coilovers. The only way to properly correct the problem with the Megan coilovers aside from re-manufacturing it with the right spec, is to offer an adjustable sway bar link kit with them to compensate for the difference. The only company I know that makes one for the 3g application is at they list it for a 96-2006 Galant , but if you cross reference OEM part#'s its the same as the 3g eclipse, they are interchangeable. What is megan going to do to stand behind their product that I purchased in good faith that it would fit correctly?

Threads on club 3g about the problems....

this is the install instruction on club3g, notice in the photos that the coilovers are installed with custom adjustable end links...because the stock ones wont fit

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We do not think it has been a problem as we have sold hundreds of 01 Eclipse CDK. We understand that the angle is not exactly located in the same position as we need to modify a little bit to make the coilover work with a feature of riding height adjustment, but it is for sure they always fit. There is no problem with the installation.

If you could check out you will be able to find the install of the meganracing coilovers.


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Subject: [FWD: Attn: Alex RE: 2001 Eclipse Suspension Problem]
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Alex Chavez


Office Hours
Monday - Friday 9:30am-6:30pm

General Phone : +1 (626)581-0988
General Fax : +1 (626)581-8334
Wholesale Fax : +1 (626)581-4332

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Subject: Attn: Alex RE: 2001 Eclipse Suspension Problem
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Date: Mon, May 12, 2008 4:00 pm
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Hey Alex this is Brian. I spoke to you on the phone before regarding my problem. Here are the pics you requested. Since the mounting point for the stabilizer link is lower than stock and at a different angle, it doesnt allow the suspension to travel properly, once installed it causes the swaybar to contact the lower control arm, where as with a stock strut installed there is approximately 5/8" between the lower arm and the swaybar. ion=view&current=suspension006.jpg

Measurement on Megan strut

Measurement on OEM stock strut

Top view of megan strut, notice the angle at which the tab is welded..about 90 degrees

Top view of OEM stock strut, stock angle is roughly 45 degrees
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great news. i made some makeshift brackets that sorta work but arent perfect.

do we need to call to get on a list or what?
wouldnt it have been faster and easier for them to make adjustable links? some threaded rod and set it up like a tie rod/sleeve on a truck front end, but in smaller scale.
No there is no formal list to get on, im sure there will be once they have the new design in production and almost ready to ship.

Bitter I agree with you 110%, I actually got custom end links for now to correct the problem until they make the new design. But from what the guy at megan was telling me, its cheaper OVERALL for them to re-design the bottom mount . Think about it like this, if they dont revise the design, that means every new set they sell will have to include adjustable links to correct the problem, so they are paying to make the coilover and paying to make the end link but if they re-design it, they are only paying to make the coilover and no need to mess with the end link. Also a high performance endlink will either be made of stainless steel or high grade aluminum both of which the raw materials cost more and the equipment and tooling to machine/weld it, where as the bottom mount on the strut is plain mild steel. They are looking at the long term not just correcting the issue for people who already have the coilovers.
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Nice work. If for some reason they need stock struts, they can have my blown front ones.
This is awesome news, man. Cyrus is cool. I talked with him a few times when they were testing the headers for my car.

If they need someone for test fitting, I'll volunteer for it. I live pretty close to Megan Racing.
Well, this is great news. The stock right endlink broke last week and I have just left the car sitting in the driveway while researching new, stronger (adjustable) endlinks.

I like the Megans, but it would be great if the fit was perfect.

Thank you very much for the information.
well now i know why i have broken 3 stock links in a few months... nice work...

any update from Megan?
hey guys i'm interested about megans but i want to know if it has been any update with this since i want to decide what setup i want to get
bump on this thread someone knows what happen at the end.
bump any updates for this?
Has this problem caused any knocking noises in the front end for anyone? I have a loud knocking coming from my front right suspension every time the suspension is compressed, and I have confirmed that all the control arm and spindle connections are tight. I'll have to look at this sway bar issue as this is the first I have read about this.
Has this problem caused any knocking noises in the front end for anyone? I have a loud knocking coming from my front right suspension every time the suspension is compressed, and I have confirmed that all the control arm and spindle connections are tight. I'll have to look at this sway bar issue as this is the first I have read about this.
The problem listed by the OP (who hasn't responded to any PM or any post in months) did not cause any noises.

I had some major knocking/popping noises that from the coilovers back in June that was fixed by taking them apart and cleaning:
btt. did Megan ever fess up and fix this?
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