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Audi A4 B5

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1996 model, 103k miles, quattro, 5sp manual. $800

Transmission busted, car is in great shape. I can get another transmission for around $500-650 and install it and new clutch myself. That puts me about $1600 into the car to have it road worth again.

Is it worth it? I know absolutely nothing about these cars. KBB states that many miles on this car with the right options in good shape would be about $3800-4200ish.

I know some of you have Audi's. This will be for my daily driver.
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Judging from prior posts concerning Audis, I get the impression that all pre-2001 Audis should be avoided like the plague.
what engine?
If its a 2.8 I would get it. I know few people including my dad that have those engines. They are great on gas mileage in city and Highway and they last pretty long time

P.S. If you want I can do a carfax for free !!!
Ok I'm supposed to get the VIN tonight

Yes it's a 2.8.
The 2.8 is a decent engine. The audi turbo engines need ALOT of TLC. And by TLC, I mean money in maintenance, Sounds like you have a winner, Fryed.
The 2.8 is a decent engine. The audi turbo engines need ALOT of TLC. And by TLC, I mean money in maintenance, Sounds like you have a winner, Fryed.
Actually, the 1.8 is a good motor, save some of the sludge problems they had. They really don't need any more maintenance than any other motor.
I'm with Mike, I have faith in their 1.8L motor and maybe the internal drivetrain. I however don't have faith in anything that surrounds that motor.
Well my parents have 2.7 TT and never had any problems with it (87K). As to 2.8 my g/f have on in her passat and the engine is decent as it comes to gas mileage and acceleration. I also have 1.8T Jetta and I love the engine also. Great on gas when you don't have a heavy foot.

Send me a PM with Vin and I'll get you report for it !!!
Took a look at it this morning and think I'm going to jump on it. Engine is very strong, no knocks or shimmies. No apparent leaks and is very clean inside the engine bay (doesn't look recently detailed, so it's dusty and all that with a little road grime, but looks taken care of without any signs of leaks along the blocks or suspension)

I will probably be going back today with a trailer to pick it up. He said $600 will take it away. Body isn't perfect, but is comparable with the shape a decent 10yr old car should be. Same with interior. No stains or tears, but it does show signs of use for someone who had two young kids. All in all, with the car for $600 and a new transmission for less than $750. I will be $1500-2000 into it and will have a 106k miles car with a newly rebuild transmission. I might even consider rebuilding the transmission myself. For a $100 rebuild kit, the worst I could do is not fix it and be out $100. Best that could happen is it works and I'm less than $1000 into a $3500 nice car.
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