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base map aem ems PLEASE!!

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i have a 2000 eclipse and i have turbocharged it with a turbonetics T3/T4 turbo and all proper mods needed. 740cc injectors,gm mass air flow sensor,and translator,etc. i cant get it to even idle.if you any base map that will be close to good i would really appreciate it.
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You need to read read read.

#1... You have an AEM. You do not need the MAFT or the GM MAF. Hell you don't need a MAF at all! You need a 3.5 bar MAP sensor wired in and the AEM should be doing all of it's load calculations based on a speed density setup.

You need to load the proper cal file for your configuration, either speed density or maf based. If you have never tuned an AEM before, you will not get the car to run properly. An AEM needs to be tuned by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

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